Programmatic Advertising

Hardly any other measure in digital marketing makes it possible to address customers and prospects more precisely and individually than programmatic advertising. Information about demographics and user behavior makes it possible to reach the target group precisely and at the same time use marketing budgets as efficiently as possible. The secret is the automatically booking of ads with users who are the best match for your target audience. So we only target your potential customers and not a broad anonymous mass!

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Why - The media booking of the future

The most beautiful ad is useless if it doesn't reach the right target group. Programmatic advertising combines efficiency and effectiveness in equal measure. Thanks to programmatic advertising we focus on users with a high probability of conversion and reduce waste coverage. Especially in combination with other marketing actions, the application possibilities are virtually limitless and the cost efficiency can hardly be surpassed.

What –"Pure programmatic" for limitless efficiency

Programmatic advertising is data-based and automated purchasing of digital advertising space in real time. The goal is to target the right audience at the right time with appropriate messages. We use it on all available channels, such as display advertising, mobile, digital-out-of-home, etc.

How - Individual targeting and individual solutions

Valid target group information forms the foundation for data-based marketing par excellence. We use individual targeting approaches to reach every possible target group with the right advertising media. We don't just reduce programmatic advertising to standardized media buying. Instead, we deliver a comprehensive set-up that links the data-driven approach with all other marketing activities.

Precise targeting with maximum cost efficiency – yes, we can!