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Pernod Ricard

Digital strategy 2018


The agency developed a digital strategy 2018 (see case study Pernod Ricard (1)).

The operational implementation of the strategy as well as the creation of the corresponding advertising materials were carried out by the agency as a full service.

Core of the developed strategy: to increase the relevance of Havana Club as the preferred rum brand among the client's strategic target group, taking into account the two planned TV flights.

Duration: 3 flights of 6 weeks each.

Success criterion: convey the client's brand message to the strategic target group through a high video completion rate and viewability.

Initial situation

  • Conceptual:
    Targeting the client's strategic target group through individually created custom segments (approach explained in Case Study Pernod Ricard (1)). Using attention-grabbing advertising formats and media, the brand claim "Cuba Made Me" is to be forcefully communicated to the target group in the form of a modern Cuba image.
  • Tactical:
    Focus on semantic custom segments as target audience, accompanied by retargeting measures of website visitors.
  • DSP:
    Adform which allows very detailed tracking (important for branding KPIs) and raw data access.
  • Brandsafety:
    In addition to general brand safety exclusions (violence, drugs, etc.), certain environments were additionally excluded at the client's request (sports, automotive, family).
  • Advertising media were aligned with TV spots and landing page for a linear user experience.

Target KPIs

  • Videos: Video completion rate 100 of 70% while meeting an agreed CPM.
  • Banners: Viewability of 70% in compliance with an agreed CPM

Our services

  • Creation of a media plan per flight
  • Creation of advertising media
  • Pixel strategy and support during implementation

  • Creation of interest-based custom segments
  • Media buying and optimization
  • Reporting and insights

All components described in the scope of services were successfully implemented and the target values of video completion rate and viewability were continuously optimized.

The advertising media were constantly optimized over the three flights on the basis of the insights gained and adapted to the message of the TV spot in consultation with the client.

The client was provided with a comprehensive weekly report, which was discussed with him during a weekly status update.

At the end of each flight, a recap presentation was provided to the client, evaluating campaign performance and making recommendations for follow-up campaigns.

For each of the three flights, the client was provided with a media plan broken down by channel, ad media, format, expected impressions, budget split and optimization metrics.


Manchmal fehlen die Worte, um Ideen treffend zu beschreiben. So auch jetzt. Unsere Entwicklung ist ein Resultat vieler unterschiedlicher Eindrücke und Erlebnisse. Zum einen geprägt durch unseren sehr umfangreichen und heterogenen Kundenstamm, aber auch durch die Entwicklungen von Märkten und Technologien.

Einen nicht ganz unwesentlichen Teil daran haben aber auch andere Menschen, mit welchen wir eine freundschaftliche oder partnerschaftliche Beziehung pflegen. Wir möchten daher an dieser Stelle Raum für all diejenigen schaffen, mit welchen wir zusammenarbeiten, aber auch die, welche uns einfach nur inspiriert haben.