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Küchen Quelle



High-quality and modern fitted kitchens

Küchen Quelle is active in the sale of customized, high-quality and modern fitted kitchens that stand for more quality of life and living. Its unique selling proposition is its nationwide sales network, through which Küchen Quelle offers its customers the service of kitchen consultation and planning in their own homes.
The customer uses a variety of advertising channels (newsletter, social media, print, SEA, POS marketing, etc.) to promote its offer.
Likewise, Programmatic Advertising campaigns have been tested on a small scale via an agency since the end of 2018, but the client is dissatisfied with the performance and tracking of the campaigns.
Echte Liebe receives the order of implementing a programmatic advertising campaign with the aim of arranging consulting appointments.



Operational implementation of a programmatic advertising campaign with the goal of arranging kitchen consultation appointments.

Secondary goal: lead generation via catalog downloads on the website.

The client wanted transparent reporting and tracking, as he was dissatisfied with the previous programmatic advertising agency in this respect.

The target group was defined by the client as follows:

  • Age: 35-50 years
  • Net household income: €50k - €200k
  • Gender: mainly female
  • Lifestyle: young families to older married couples, mostly homeowners

As an incentive for consumers to arrange a personal consultation, the client advertises a 30% discount on its kitchens on its banners as well as on its website.



  • Prospecting: targeting the customer's audience via kitchen planning segments created individually for them to generate high-quality traffic.

  • Performance: retargeting of website visitors with the aim of reaching as many agreements as possible for a personal consultation appointment.

The customer's predefined target group was operationalized in consultation with him through three individual interest-based custom segments (using Semasio DMP).

Adserver, DSP: Adform (high flexibility regarding targeting, optimization, tracking and reporting of campaigns).

Installation of a master tag from Adform on the customer website for extensive tracking of website usage, as well as integration of a conversion pixel for transferring OrderIDs.

Campaign goals:

  • Primary: Arrangement of personal consultation appointments (target CPA: 50€ - 100€).

  • Secondary: Catalog downloads


Our services:

  • Creation of individual custom segments

  • Media buying and optimization

  • Regular reporting (weekly) and status calls (once or twice a week)

  • Regular reconciliation of OrderIDs

The client was sent a master tag and conversion pixel from Adform after the functionality was explained and its functionality was tested by the agency after the client installed it.

The assets provided by the client for the native ads were converted by the agency into various text-image combinations. In the course of the campaign, further combinations were created and tested at regular intervals, thus optimizing performance throughout.


  • The campaign resulted in 200 consultation appointments and 512 catalog downloads.
  • After a four-week runtime, the customer already traced four kitchen orders back to the campaign after an OrderID comparison. This is particularly remarkable in view of the fact that, according to the customer, the conversion period can be up to 6 months.
  • The high number of agreed consultation appointments and positive secondary goals of catalog downloads and kitchens sold confirm that the campaign reached the right target group and led to great satisfaction on the customer side. With an actual CPA of 64€ per consultation appointment, the result is in the lower third of the agreed target CPA of 50€ - 100€ per consultation appointment.
  • In addition, the customer was satisfied with detailed weekly reports as well as jour fixes in which the reports were discussed. The jour fixes were initially held on a one-week cycle, and then on a two-week cycle as the campaign progressed.

  • On the customer side, an understanding of the requirements, implementation, reports as well as important key figures within the scope of programmatic advertising was established.


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