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Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Co. have become the most important channels for digital marketing. That’s no surprise because the platforms offer the perfect opportunity to get in touch directly with your own target group. Due to the great importance of social media marketing, Echte Liebe has founded El Social, a separate agency dedicated for creative campaigns in the social networks.

Why - Reaching customers where they prefer to spend time

There is hardly anyone on the Internet who does not use at least one social network regularly. This makes it clear that there is also hardly any target group that cannot be reached via social media marketing! Regardless of whether it's a serious business network or a casual leisure platform, there's the right channel for every audience. Obviously it has to be used with precisely tailored messages and content.

What – Data + Social – it’s a Match!

From social ads to native content: We play the entire claviature of social media content and expand "classic" marketing on these channels with our data-driven approach. We make success in the social networks measurable - not only in the KPIs of the respective platforms, but also indirectly in the form of sales and views on your own website.

How - Shaping social media emotionally based on objective results

We speak the language of the target group and know social media inside out. The focus of our work is to implement channel-specific and performance-oriented social ads and awareness campaigns. In our agile way of working, we rely on eye-to-eye collaboration and constant development of our methods and concepts. Social media is constantly changing - accordingly, we are always acquiring new platforms and campaign concepts and implementing them quickly and professionally.

Together we reach your target group in the social networks.

Family & Friends

Manchmal fehlen die Worte, um Ideen treffend zu beschreiben. So auch jetzt. Unsere Entwicklung ist ein Resultat vieler unterschiedlicher Eindrücke und Erlebnisse. Zum einen geprägt durch unseren sehr umfangreichen und heterogenen Kundenstamm, aber auch durch die Entwicklungen von Märkten und Technologien.

Einen nicht ganz unwesentlichen Teil daran haben aber auch andere Menschen, mit welchen wir eine freundschaftliche oder partnerschaftliche Beziehung pflegen. Wir möchten daher an dieser Stelle Raum für all diejenigen schaffen, mit welchen wir zusammenarbeiten, aber auch die, welche uns einfach nur inspiriert haben.