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CEP sells compression products in the field of fitness and endurance sports, In 2020, the brand's awareness in the competitive market for sports equipment is to be increased. The biggest competitors are, for example, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok and Asics. To date, CEP has been perceived primarily in the area of endurance sports and is rather unknown in other fitness areas.

By means of a programmatic advertising campaign, the target group is to be addressed on relevant channels and made aware of the brand. Another goal of the campaign is branding and sales (performance). The campaign aims to educate the target group about the benefits of compression products in sports.

The campaign runs under the planned annual themes of training, running, hiking, skiing, recovery and design collection. This also helps to raise awareness of the brand beyond endurance sports.



  • In fitness areas outside of endurance sports, CEP is largely unknown
  • The advantages of compression products require explanation and are not known to many athletes
  • Highly competitive market situation: Mega brands such as Adidas, Nike and Puma dominates the market. Statista conducted a survey on this in May 2018 which sports brands are preferably bought by the German population. The top 5 answers: 59% Adidas, 44% Nike, 26% Puma, Reebok 17%, Asics 13%. CEP was not listed in the top 20 answers.

The Challenge:

Elaboration of a programmatic advertising concept for the year 2020, which

  • fulfill the claim to further increase CEP's brand awareness,
  • educate athletes about the advantages of compression products,
  • focuses on sales in addition to pure branding (performance),
  • reach the client's desired target group: m/f, 20-50 years old, interested in training/fitness
  • takes into account the client's planned annual themes (training, running, hiking, skiing, recovery, design collection), thereby increasing awareness beyond endurance sports.


The core of the concept development was the input of the client, which goals are pursued by him in 2020 as well as the evaluation of the campaigns implemented for the client so far.

The core of the concept development was the input of the client, which goals are pursued by him in 2020 as well as the evaluation of the campaigns implemented for the client so far.

Analysis of previous campaign performance in terms of:

  • Evaluation of the interest-based segments used to date for targeting, which were created individually for the client

  • Analysis of which previous advertising formats and means best achieved the performance target

  • Analysis of branding-relevant KPIs, such as viewability, dwell time on the page and number of page views, to determine which advertising media and segments could be used most efficiently to achieve the new branding measures in focus.

On this basis, a prioritization was worked out with the client in various respects:

  • Prioritization of the target groups to be addressed, as awareness in other sports disciplines is to be increased in addition to the previous core target group "Running"

  • Distribution according to branding and performance measures

  • Prioritization according to the advertising formats to be used in order to achieve the best possible mix of attention, cost efficiency and performance.


Main idea of the concept:

  • Focus on generating awareness and reach in the fitness market via use of attention-grabbing advertising media (special formats) in premium environments
  • Thematicization of the USP "compression" via native ads
  • Accompanying prospecting via display banners and OLV campaigns to additionally increase brand awareness
  • End-to-end retargeting of website visitors to generate sales.

Target Group:

In the future, the predefined target group will continue to be operationalized via interest-based custom segments, which will be adjusted depending on campaign focus and seasonal progression


  • Targeting will consist of a mix of semantic targeting, retargeting and, if necessary, special interest environments.
  • Semantic targeting is used for prospecting in the defined target group to increase brand awareness and to educate about the benefits of compression products in sports.
  • Retargeting is used as a performance measure, with the goal of sales.
  • The use of special interest environments as an additional awareness measure will be considered.

Selection of advertising formats:

  • A combination of moving image and special/high impact formats will be used to manifest brand awareness of the CEP brand in the training sector.
  • Native advertorials will be used to educate customers about the benefits of compression products, as these are considered to have high credibility.
  • As a performance measure, cost-effective display banners are used as retargeting to convert website visitors to buyers.


  • Branding Part: Visits and dwell time
  • Performance Part: Conversions/Sales

Rough planning:

  • As part of the concept development, the client was provided with a rough planning with timings and budget distribution according to advertising formats and targeted groups.
  • In addition, the first quarter was broken down in more detail into the individual measures with expected CPMs and ad impressions.

Knowledge transfer to the customer:

As part of the concept development, the customer was primarily informed about how programmatic advertising can be used for branding, e.g.

  • which attention-grabbing advertising formats are available in addition to the display and video measures used to date
  • how it works and which billing models are used
  • which KPIs are relevant when running branding campaigns
  • knowledge transfer on the topic of attribution modeling,
  • customer-education regarding data protection, especially with regard to the GDPR.

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